Monday, January 15, 2018

Root Beggar

Imagine a root beggar, a person who begged for the roots. "Oh no I don't want your tomatoes, but I'll take the root of the plant." He delighted himself in carrots and radishes, and scorned to look a cabbage in the eye. "Oh yes I will be happy to help myself to your pile of torn up sod, to feel the grass roots therein." A root beggar ne'er rude, only importing himself into the lives of those who can stand to give a root. A person for other beggars to emulate, and although dirty, he is orderly.
Three cheers for the root beggar!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hate the Sinner Love the Sin

Old saying goes love the sinner hate the sin. Naturally people hate each other in some way out of the many offenses we all do to each other regularly and the competition for honor, power, and wealth. But people love the evil tactics people use to get ahead. It's not universally true but people hate their community members but admire them for their sins. And how can sinners cooperate in bad pursuits without hating each other, since they know they shouldn't be going that way? They are all leading each other astray.

And people who've received God's grace much behave the same way. Worse. Worse because Christians I think tend to hate sinners out of envy for the wild living and free reign they have, plus they admire the sins that they wish God would let them do. Not all the time, and less as they grow, but I think the flesh, which Christians on this earth have present with them regardless of their relationship with it, the flesh hates sinners and loves sin. And so God does the opposite although He hates sinners in some sense, He died for them.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I endured what I think was food poisoning. I became very nauseous at work and had to leave. When I got home I emptied my stomach over the next few hours and couldn't hold down even water.

The night before I had some sauerkraut that tasted disgusting. I like sauerkraut but there was something wrong with this jar. I mused going to Wal Mart where I bought it and telling them. Even though it might not have been the sauerkraut. What are they supposed to do, go throw away all their "Frank's" sauerkraut just because I say it might have made me sick? It was only a couple dollars, it doesn't seem worth going there to get that refund. I also had a couple shrink wrapped sweet potatoes, and they tasted weird. But I don't know!

I felt also like I had a fever. My thermometer was out of battery power so I couldn't measure it. I also felt tingling all over my body and I couldn't sit still. Maybe low blood sugar? I managed to get out the door and go buy some coconut water, aloe juice, and ginger tea. I managed to hold that all down. I got to bed and slept for some long hours.

I feel much better but I think I owe it to people at work to take the day off. I went and bought coffee to test my stomach. I'm holding it down easily. I had a free coffee coming to me from the gas station where I have a rewards card. I haven't been doing that well on my new year's resolutions.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Meaning Time

Meaning is lacking in some lives. Meaning is given by God. People who don't have God sometimes have meaning. They find meaning in taking responsibility. Sadly many times what they have responsibility for is mismanaged. What is the meaning of doing poorly in your responsibilities? Many people have taken responsibility for something or someone and then find out they didn't go about it in the right way. Then they are pained when the relationship disintegrates. Or when they find out their many efforts at solving a problem were counterproductive.

I think of a person who worked hard and gave lots of money to a charity. That charity is corrupt and what honest things the charity does have the opposite effect. Consider a charity for the poor that wastes lots of money, steals some, and gives a little to the poor. These poor then are reaffirmed in their laziness and bad habits and don't grow as their circumstances should prompt them to. This person discovers how their money to this charity was all a waste, and worse than a waste. What is to be done!?

Those without God may do good God-inspired work. But they will be lost. How bad for a person's meaning to survive and that person to perish! Many people have done good without God, but they don't live forever with God like they could've if they'd have believed in Christ.

Christ takes responsibility for people and thus Christ followers have meaning given to them that lasts despite it's mismanagement. The Bible says that each man's work will be tested, and a man's life work may all be destroyed by God as beneath His standards. But God will keep the man himself, and so all his meaning is not lost.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Good Present

It's a good present. There is hope for everyone alive now. Apart from Christ, God is kind enough to give us this rapid growth of wealth and opportunity. There are many challenges that everyone faces. Rich people, like Americans, have many downfalls. Chronic disease, meaninglessness, bad relationships. Poor people have their pains. But extreme poverty is being put away by new technologies. There has never been a better time to be alive. And it has never been easier for most people to find out about the true way to live that will rescue them from the confusing human cultures.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hours Later

I failed. Ha, I wanted caffeine so bad. 330 pm I started pacing not knowing what to do. I just heard Stefan Molyneux say that I need to replace habits not only eliminate them. I didn't have anything to sip I guess? I certainly felt lazy. The gym closes early tonight, I need to get there in 90 minutes. I wasn't feeling like doing that. I ate some junk food that was left behind from a new year's party here. Sometimes I am able to resist things like that, but I smashed 4 or 5 no bakes and some chips and cheese.

At least the coffee was free. I got a 24 oz from the gas station down the street. Fresh too. Their rewards card has given me about 5 free drinks. Ugh now I'm starting to get what I assume is a withdrawal headache. I'm drinking this coffee faster, I'm only through about 4 oz.

EDIT: An hour later I am feeling the caffeine buzz. Ah no wonder I'm hooked on this stuff. I feel optimistic and energetic now. Using this energy to get out of the door to the gym. And boy I still get a happiness jump from looking at the guitar I bought the other day:

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Resolutions

Almost no one I know has made resolutions this year. A whole year of doing is mighty. It is a system.

- keep a rough schedule week to week to minimize decisions and keep system up
- no eating out by myself
- no getting drinks by myself: coffee, carbonated water, kombucha, it's all gone this year unless I'm with friends
- unless I'm going to a restaurant with folks, no animal products, minimal vegetable oils and minimal refined sugar and flour

Hard. Can do it though.