Saturday, June 23, 2018

Is it easy to be saved?

  Why did Jesus say there are few that are saved and that the road to salvation is hard? It doesn't seem very hard to Christians today in the rich world. Under the old covenant of Moses people had to submit to physical mutilation (circumcision) and dietary restrictions and the grinding poverty that people in the past endured. In 2018 life for many hundreds of millions of us is easier than those old covenant people could ever have imagined, and we don't have to obey many commandments that they did.
   Jesus told us to love God with all ability and to love others as ourselves, with preference given to other Jesus-followers. How is that harder that obeying the law of Moses? One way it is harder is that we are told not to avenge ourselves. We can't take an eye for an eye. We aren't allowed to follow through with angry expressions at someone who is rude to us. We cannot imagine intimate pleasures with anyone but our own spouse, and if we don't have a spouse that expression of humanity is forbidden to us. We cannot store up treasures for ourselves on earth, but must by sharing with the needy store up treasures in heaven for eternity. This all denies the roaming of human desires in our society. It is harder than the old covenant given by God to Moses.
   How can people even obey these things Jesus said must be obeyed? At some time failure comes. What then? Praying again for forgiveness. How much obedience qualifies us as actually saved and not deceived? It seems only total obedience assures us of Christ's love. Why then did Christ tell us to pray every single day for forgiveness? That doesn't necessarily mean that we sin every day and must be forgiven by God every day. But it implies it. How can a person who must be forgiven every day have assurance of salvation? It seems that it is not easy to be saved.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Saw a Fearless Groundhog

Today I walked by a field and there was a groundhog sitting down and looking around. As I walked toward him (he was on my path) he looked at me and then looked around like he wasn't threatened. It was hot! Around noon! I think it was about to die or something. Or got a whiff of the farm chemicals a nearby tractor was spraying. I passed within 6 feet of the rodent. Wild.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

facebook where the people aren't

I logged on to facebook justifying it to myself , "this is where the people are"

no steve,

"this is where the people aren't."

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Onion

The onion is a good food. It comes in many varieties. One of my favorite things about an onion is the way it looks. It has a neat division into layers. I also enjoy the scroll, the cylinder of plant root or something that's in the center of the onion. The onion has a sour taste but it goes well with many things. It's good for you too. I like all the different kinds of onions.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Amazed at this world as I am I wonder how it seems so ordinary to me ordinarily. Some grasp of God's great care in creation escapes me unless I seek it. I can appreciate His great care of my life and the future of all of us to His destined end.

Another year without a major world war, another year without an epidemic of infectious disease apart from HIV (as far as I know). No Spanish flu, anyway. Another year of Christ's church victorious over martyrdom. Another year of God's judgment on the materialists and heathen.

This summer is great because of the prosperity we've been given, and God enjoys us receiving His blessings. Wonder extends then not only to the intricacy and vastness of creation but also to His care for life, and His care for eternal life in giving us His only Son to make atonement for all humans' many sins.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kanye Coming Out

I listened to Candace Owens on Stefan Molyneux. Kanye liking her doesn't surprise me. Most of the hip hop people who've ever listened to her probably agreed. They're there to make money though and the entertainment slavery ring won't give them promotion unless they agree with the poz. Cayenne West as Alex Jones used to call him. So he joins Scott Adams as someone who maintains their position in entertainment in spite of their heresy.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Better Call Saul Season 3

I watched Better Call Saul's third season over the last few days. Naturally I fast forwarded through a lot of it. Those guys like to drag scenes out. Plus I didn't care about Jimmy's relationship with Kim.

I was pleased that the language and raunchiness was cleaned up a little. It also wasn't as sad as the past two seasons.

I didn't feel guilty about watching it. I watched about five episodes on Easter. I stayed up pretty late. I considered sleeping in but couldn't. Felt great today, only got a couple hours of solid sleep.

The 2001 era the show is in was nostalgic for me. I think society has moved forward from that point. many more people have risen out of poverty. More people have come to Christ. Conspiratheories are more known and acknowledged now. Alex Jones for instance reaches many more people. Tyranny is no longer seen as security as it was in the early 00's.